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Skye Sweetnam


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Who is Skye Sweetnam?


Living in Bolton, Ontario, a town of 15,000 surburbanites, Skye has always had to invent her own entertainment. From the age of 5, she's been singing and dancing in every local production and competition she could fin. She started shooting and editing short films starring her siblings (a brother and sister), friends and stuffed animals when she was 8. Writing diaries, poetry, songs,plays, drawing cartoons, shooting self portaits, designing her own clothes (and redesigning the ones she had). And of course all those hours spent singing in front of her mirror into her "brush a phone".
Skye isn't some weird or freaky "agnst ridden" kid, just one who was never bored with the world because she was constantly reinventing it.
Skye co-wrote every original song on her album and has brought her unique flair to every element of this project. She is the real deal with a voice and vision that is urgent,playful, melodic and full of humour. Skye Sweetnam's music speaks the truth of being a teen, telling tales of who she is and who she wants to be-straight from the source.
The question isn't , "Is Skye ready for you?" but rather, "Are YOU ready for Skye?" -Artical from a magazine

The facts about Skye Sweetnam