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Skye Sweetnam


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About me!!!

I'm just so awesome I had to have a page =)

Hey guys this is Joanna Z. a.k.a Joanna Banana! so..I guess this is my bio thingy.. yay!


Name: Joanna Z.
Age: 14..Wow!...i'm a big kid now!
Gender: FEMALE!! (duh)
Location: Texas ....yeeeeeee hhhaaaaaawwwwwww
Favorite color: Pink!!
Purpose for making this website: I just wanted to spread the word about Skye Sweetnam and other rocking girl bands!
Favorite Song: umm..that's a tough one.. i'd have to say... The chicken dance song!
Favorite show(s): Degrassi, RFR, Daria annnndd Clueless!!!
Most important things in my life: Family,friends, my dogs (I LOVE YOU BUBBLES AND PUFFY!!),Music, and pizza!!!
Person that you hate but dont have the courage to tell him: Pedro!!..hah he was my inspiration to write hate songs =)
Anymore comments? I hope you guys like my site (because it took me forever to do)..and I hope someday..I'll learn how to play my guitar (haha)
Anything you would like people to know about you? Umm...i'm funny,crazy,caring,clumsy,gulliable and i'm a really good friend!!..oh yeah that picture is  of me..I made it look weird hehe...umm......okay I think i'm finished..Aloha!! (hehe)